Interview conclusions – Summary

By interviewing people we could find out new hints on refining our application/game

Multiplayer mode

We concluded that we can attract people better to our game by offering a multiplayer mode. The reason for that is because single players could be ashamed playing the game alone in public spaces and with that being watched by other people.

To make the user feel more comfortable while playing our game we focus on the multiplayer mode where social interaction (playing in a group) goes hand in hand with human-machine interaction.

In the beginning we thought that two players play in parallel or together. Now that could be extended to a competition-mode where various players could play subsequently and the winner is found out at the end (highest score). Also, to increase difficulty and dynamic, the positions of certain tasks/mini games on the screen could be changed in the course of the game. There could also be one cooperative modus where gestures of each player should be best possible adjusted to the other player in order to get the highest score. An example would be, that both players have to make a certain gestures synchronously.

Offering variation

to prevent of getting bored, the game should offer various types of tasks and combinations of them.


We found out, that our application would fit better to railway stations and airports than to what we first thought to shopping centres. This is based on the fact that people are confronted with a waiting situation in railway stations as well as in airports but not in shopping centres. People tend to distract themselves in shopping centres in other ways like for example have a break in a restaurant or the like.

Period of time

The amount of time, waiting in a place is also crucial to the acceptance of the game. If people have to wait more than 5 minutes it is more probable that they search for some activities to bridge the time. With shorter waiting periods people tend to make other, less demanding activities (like reading emails, Facebook etc). To confront that, gaming time should kept as short as possible (or at least variable).

First encounter

We found out that our entertainment offering is also interesting for non-gamers. Especially in a waiting situation even this group of people could think about trying out our offering.


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