Interview Candidates

For our interviews we were able to talk to these people:

  • a 21-year-old student of business administrations, who also works as an marketing intern in a internet-related company
  • a 31-year-old teacher
  • a 48-year-old nurse

Our conclusions from the interviews will be posted soon, so stay tuned!


Task breakdown for week 2

  • creating design principles (Oliver)
  • creating storyboards (Stefan)
  • interview (Oliver, Stefan, Sebastian, Jonas)
  • discussing interview results (Aaron, Oliver, Stefan, Sebastian)
  • summerize findings from interview (Oliver, Stefan)
  • updating design principles (Oliver, Aaron, Stefan, Sebastian)


There may be different types of persons who use our interactive application. We now give three examples of possible users we want to address to.

  • The kid

Timmey is a 12 years old boy. He has slight overweight and is al little bit clumsy. He enjoys playing games way more than doing homework or any other stuff. Very often he plays with his brother as his goal is to beat him whenever possible. They compete nearly always. Timmey has no special technical background.

Today Timmey and his family are in the shopping mall to buy new clothes for the two boys and for the parents, too. The rivalry of their kids is annoying for the parents, as their sons don’t even want to participate choosing their new clothes. So all four are stressed and need some distraction from the long shopping tour, which already lasts three hours to this point. But now they encounter the multigesture-screen in the center of the mall. The boys can compete with each other for about a quarter hour on this interactive game and the parents can have a look at it from the nearby coffee stand.

  • The student

Martin is a 25 year old industrial engineering and management student. He is a member of a local sport club and therefore is an athletic guy. Regarding his profession, Martin has a little technical background. He has got various game consoles at home, in addition to his computer. So he plays games, whenever he has got time for it. He likes inviting friends and classmates to his place, so they can play games in cooperative mode.

On this day he is at university. Martin and his classmates just left a tiring economy lecture. It’s time for a coffee break at a coffee stand at the university with his classmates. They have some time left, before the next course starts. Near the coffee stand is a huge display where other classmates are playing an interactive game in a cooperative way. Just the right thing for clearing the mind now.

  • The adult

Sabine is a 38 year old nurse at a hospital. She has a normal physical appearance, but does not do any special fitness. Sabine loves to spend time with her friends, but rarely plays games. Every first saturday of the month the “girls club” is meeting for a get-together. Some of Sabine’s friend left the city some years ago, but they still meet the other. Therefore Sabine is waiting at the central station on a friday evening in order to pick up some of her friends. As the train has some delay, she has got some time left and walks around the station and has a look at the stores. In the foyer of the station is a display with an interactive game on it. As it looks interesting and Sabine has enough time left before the train is approaching she tries it.