Task breakdown for week 3

  • build prototype (all together)
  • user feedback on first prototype (Oliver)
  • integrate user feedback on prototype (all together)


Multi Gestures is a game whose primary purpose is to entertain whoever is playing it.

Multi Gestures runs on large public displays and uses Kinect for user interaction. Input is solely done by performing gestures in front of the display. The game must support multiple gestures at the same time. This is achieved by implementing gestures that use a limited set of body parts (i.e. one gesture only using the arms, another gesture only using the left leg, …).

Possible gestures include:

  • balance a ball on a bar with both arms
  • kick at footballs with left / right foots
  • jump over moving spikes
  • tilt head to balance something on the user’s head

The display always shows the camera picture in the background, if a game is currently running. Additional graphics should display on top of the camera image. Those graphics should give the user an idea on which gestures he has to perform.

The difficulty increases with the time played. The game starts at easy difficulty, meaning there is only one gesture the user has to perform. More gestures are added after a fixed amount of time, i.e. 30 seconds. The game may also increase the speed over time in order do increase the difficulty. The difficulty must increase constantly, so that every game ends eventually.

The longer the player succeeded performing all gestures in parallel, the higher the score. This and the fact that difficulty increases over time ensures that players with more skill score higher that players with less skill.

The game must include a main menu which allows the user to start new games and view daily / monthly / all-time highscores. After each game, the score and ranking is displayed. Users may also choose to enter their name. This name is then displayed in the highscore list.

Optional Requirement: Multiplayer

Users may also choose to start a multiplayer game in the main menu. Users play in cooperative mode. Cooperative multiplayer play’s like two single player games in parallel. No interaction between both players is required. The game ends once one player fails. Cooperative multiplayer has its own score board.