Heuristic Evaluation (Jonas)

As of the time of writing, the software prototype already offered much of the core functionality. I am able to start the game by entering the screen, select a difficulty and optionally see a description of what’s going on.
During the game, a horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen displays all system state information needed by the players: Color of players and their associated scores. Each player has an easy to distingush color. Each player should know his color, since the full camera image including colored player outlines was shown during difficulty seleciton.
It is somewhat difficult to get startet with this game, since game times might not appear where they are expected to be (like, left player on left side, right player on right side.)
All colors used in the game seem to be consistent to some degree. Players always get the same colors (blue, orange), success is indicated with green, failure is indicated with red. Tiles have a colored background, the color indicates to which player the tile belongs. Overal, the presented graphics are clean and kept basic.
Users may choose higher difficulty levels when they play again. Doing so will not show the introduction again, since those users already seem to either know whats going on or want a tough challenge.
Users are required to remember all games before the actual game starts. This could be bad, since some users may decide to quit playing while the introduction is still shown. On the other hand, showing the introduction during gameplay will severely interupt the game, leaving tiles out of sync with the players bodies. Not showing an introduction at all is no option either.
The introduction itself gives minimalistic explanations for the games. Those explanations might not be enough to actually understand the game.